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Forum Thread: Ultra Power Saving

I have been using Ultra Power Saving for quite some time. Recently the Message app disappeared from the list of available apps in Ultra Power Saving. I can still send and receive text messages, but it's very cumbersome. How do I get the Message app back?

Forum Thread: How to avoid the pop up window on whatsapp

How to avoid the pop up window on whatsapp i already unchecked that box on whatsapp and on setrings and i srill get the pop up window whenever somedoby writes and ist aknowing if someone is using your phone for something else and the message comes up and they get to read rhe content because the first nessage comes with all the text then the other messages they just say the name of who is writing

Forum Thread: Is There Going to Be an Emoji Update for Samsung Galaxy 5S?

I just got a Samsung S5 the other day. I was so happy to have it until I found out when my friend texted me I couldn't see the new updated emoji from iPhone. I'm not planning on rooting it because I JUST got the damn thing and I don't know what I'm doing. Are there any plans for Samsung to update the emoji list or is that wishful thinking? I tried downloading other emoji fonts but I really don't want to have to go into the Fonts section in the Settings menu every time I want to see iOS styled...

Samsung Galaxy S5: Automatically Turn On and Off Wifi Connection

This video will show you how to turn on and off your wifi connection automatically in Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. If your wifi connection runs always in background your battery charge decreases. If you set a fixed time for your wifi connection to turn on it will save a significant amount of battery charge. This feature will save your battery life. Watch the video and follow all the steps carefully.

Forum Thread: International S5 LTE-A

I recently got an international S5 LTE-A that I've been having trouble getting access to LTE here in the States. Currently I only get 3G. Could anyone tell me anything regarding this issue? Also, I am attempting to root this device. Will the Towelroot method work for this particular version?? Many thanks.

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